COVID-19 Daily Support


With every passing day, there seem to be more negative reports caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. When the COVID-19 infection was declared a pandemic in March, there was no going back. No one knew how long this pandemic would last. Five months on, there are more than 4.3 million Covid-19 infections reported in the United States of America alone. This figure is scary right! However, despite these scary numbers, the important question is how can we stay happy and safe during the coronavirus pandemic? There is no doubt that we must take the coronavirus virus seriously. The virus has caused drastic changes to our world and how we live and work. It could potentially cripple global the economy if not properly managed. It’s essential we stay positive and happy despite everything happening around us. Here are ten steps to stay happy during this coronavirus pandemic: 

  • Have a Sustainable Routine 

Building a routine frees up your mental energy allowing you to focus on other commitments. While things may feel beyond your control, there are a few ways to regain structure. Decide when you'll have lunch each day. Set it aside on your calendar. This can also benefit kids because they like schedules and predictability. Give your kids a sense of what they know hourly. You can use color-coded signs to speak to them whether you are free or engaged.  

  • Limit Your Exposure to Negative Information on COVID-19 

Watching the 24-hour news channels, and listening to dire warnings about the virus on radio, or visiting websites that discuss the virus, could make you unhappy and anxious. Hence, you must reduce your exposure to negative news. Choose a single information source for news and decide how much time you'll spend watching it daily. Make sure you stick to your plan because that's the only way to reduce your intake of information. 

  • Support Your Favorite Business 

I know you are practicing social distancing, and you are not eager to be in public places yet. However, you can still support the local businesses around you. Support your local business owners with gift cards if you can afford it. Pay for a meal in your local restaurant (that you can have during post-pandemic celebrations) in advance.  You can also have food delivered to you from the restaurants. 

  • Stay Physically Fit 

Anxiety typically affects your physical body. For example, you may have extra muscular tension. This is caused by stress and anxiety. Look for an activity that you enjoy doing that keeps your body in shape. Whether it is taking a break to do yoga poses, listening to music, or taking a walk when the day ends;  try to engage in physical activity. This will allow your physical body and mind to stay sharp. 

  • It's Okay to Feel Disappointed 

From weddings and family vacations to graduations, the events that people enjoy attending have either been canceled or rescheduled due to this coronavirus pandemic. You must not allow yourself to feel sad about the missed events because of the virus. Acknowledge that what you feel is valid. Take solace in the fact that it's okay to feel disappointed; the pandemic will be over soon and you can start rocking the parties. 

  • Take Inventory Every Day

Close your day-to-day routine, in a positive mood. Let it be an acknowledgment of something you might have accomplished, or learned. Let it be something you are grateful for. This will help you to dilute a bit of the negativity you might have absorbed. It will remind you that the things happening now are bad. Always doing this will allow you to end the day in the positive light. 

  • Take Advantage of the Time 

The lockdown procedures have kept everyone at home and given us all more time than we might have bargained for. Take an example, if you are a public speaker and your speaking jobs are no longer coming because of the virus, you will be given the opportunity to remain focused on some things. Take advantage of the time. If your company has a work from home policy, how are you going to use the time you might have spent on commuting in the past?

  • Learn Flexibility 

One important quality that we must develop is the ability to be flexible. We should be able to adjust. Questions like, will kids return to school? Will you work in an office? There are no valid answers to these questions for many people in the country and around the globe. The situation makes any future planning almost impossible. The best way to cope with the loss of control caused by the virus is to look at the facts. Be prepared.  

  • Focus On the Present  

The past was better no doubt, but this is the reality we live in. If the last five months have taught us much, it is the fact that things can change instantly. It feels like the pandemic isn't going to ever end. This feeling can bring stress and overwhelm you. You must focus on your present situation if you want to feel calmer.  

  • See funny videos 

There are many platforms where you can watch funny videos. Thanks to YouTube's huge popularity, there are countless videos that can make you laugh. This will help remove your mind from the current events, for at least three minutes each time. Start bookmarking the funniest videos among them so that you can always return to view them again when things feel gloomy. 

Final Words 

Staying happy despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is not beyond reach. The current situation in the country has caused unhappiness. In any case, staying happy during this pandemic can be achieved by trying any of the steps mentioned above. Stay safe! 



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