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How long does COVID-19 lives on surfaces- What can you do?

WEDNESDAYMarch 182020 (HealthDay News) -- A number of home cleaning supplies may be effective against the new coronavirusexperts say. "Not many scientific studies have asked which are the most effective disinfecting agents to use against [the new coronavirusbecause it was discovered so recently," said Siobain Duffyan associate professor of ecology at Rutgers University in New BrunswickN.J., with expertise in emerging viruses. "So scientists are assuming that what works against other coronaviruses can work against this one." But each disinfecting chemical has specific instructionsanother expert in microbial risk assessment pointed out. "An important general rule is that you shouldn't immediately wipe a cleaning solution off as soon as you've applied it to a surfaceLet it sit there long enough to kill viruses first," Donald Schaffner said in a university news releaseHe's a professor and food microbiologist at RutgersThe U.SCenters for Disease Control and Prevention recommends daily disinfection of often-touched surfaces such as tablesdoorknobslight switchescountertopshandlesdesksphoneskeyboardstoiletsfaucets and sinksas well as the use of detergent or soap and water on dirty surfaces prior to disinfectionIf someone in your household has flu-like symptomsconsider regularly disinfecting objects in your homesince the new coronavirus has been shown to survive for 16 hours on plasticsNever use different cleaning agents at the same timeSome household chemicalsif mixedcan create dangerous and poisonous gasesIf you use bleachuse one-quarter cup of bleach per 1 gallon of cold waterbut be sure to follow directions on the product labelMake the diluted bleach solution as needed and use within 24 hoursas its disinfecting power fades with timeDuffy and Schaffner saidNonporous items like plastic toys can be dipped in bleach for 30 secondsHousehold surfaces that won't be damaged by bleach should get 10 or more minutes of exposureBleach solutions are hard on the skinso don't use them as a substitute for hand-washing and/or hand sanitizer


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