Walk My Town FAQ's

Welcome to WMT! Although you may be tempted to skim over some of this—indeed, there is some “legalese” involved—we hope you’ll read it through. We’ll do our best to help you understand everything so you can feel good about using and contributing to WMT.

You asked, we listened and couldn't wait to bring all your suggestions to life. So we did, and the new site was launched. We're making it easier for you to promote your business or event, plan trips, contribute content and find new towns to explore. And you can do so for free!

To make it easier for you to register, you may register as an individual user, business, or non-profit. Once you sign up, you will receive an email confirmation. Follow the instructions and log back into the website. Then enter your business community group or event information. You will then have access to add events in the near future or events that repeat all year such a as a farmers market or bi-monthly meeting.

Your account information did not change, and you will still receive all the newsletters you're currently signed up for. Any contributions you've made to Walk My Town will be there too, just as before.

Still have questions or comments? Send us a message at info@walkmytown.com