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Welcome to Walk My Town

New in town? If you’re just starting up and setting off on your business journey, WalkMyTown is a great online destination to pitch up and create a profile.

Local people will instantly be able to see your listing on their city page, and you can even include photos to show off your brick and mortar store, products, team or services

Right now, you’ve got many marketing options. Social media, paid print advertising, Google AdWords (to name but a few). But today, I want to provide four concrete reasons why our platform - Walk My Town - could and should drive footfall through your even

Local knowledge, national reach - - Up and down the USA, consumers visit Walk My Town to discover what’s on and what’s coming up in their city.

We’ll walk you (and your would-be visitors) through where to eat, sleep and play - we’re home to everything from the hottest bars and bistros, to hotels and historic buildings. So, whether you want to find the perfect venue for your event, or your guests need somewhere to lay their head at night, we can help

Every event, eatery and evening accommodation has a review feature - so you can drive up event attendance through online word-of-mouth (and be sure that you and your visitors are making the right choice, when picking a place to eat, sleep or play).

We’re a sociable bunch - and our social profiles are hustling, bustling sources of news, reviews and the latest local To-Dos. Which means instant exposure for your event.

As soon as a person has registered - interest in your event, we’ll send them reminders in the countdown to your big day. We’ll even suggest local bars, cafes and other places that may also interest them (we’re helpful like that).

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